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LED Center

A.D.Cola Lighting created this LED center to educate you on the variety of ways you can use LED lighting in your home. LED lighting uses approximately 80% less wattage than incandescent bulbs. Has a long life, lasts on average up to 50,000 hours. And is cool to the touch because it uses low heat . We specially choose … Read More

Kitchen/Family Room Lighting Design Center

See how you can light your entire kitchen and family rooms in our Lighting Design Center. We display a variety of recessed light sources and show how each group creates different lighting effects … Read More

Bath Center

Designed to answer a common question- “Should I light my mirror from above or the sides?” See the difference in our Bath Center. Depending on whether … Read More

Living Room Center

It’s amazing what one little recessed light can do. See for yourself in our Living Room Center. Graze a stone fireplace … Read More

Landscape Lighting Center

A well designed landscape lighting system can expand your outdoor living and entertainment after dark. Experiment lighting up your landscape in our Landscape Lighting Center and discover different ways you can use light to create a dramatic outdoor living space. The right outdoor lighting allows … Read More

Lighting Controls Center

This one-of-a kind interactive lighting control center was designed specifically to show you the many options we offer in lighting controls. A.D. Cola lighting is awarded Lutron’s 5-Star showroom . This means that we have proper training and … Read More