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A well designed landscape lighting system can expand your outdoor living and entertainment after dark. Experiment lighting up your landscape in our Landscape Lighting Center and discover different ways you can use light to create a dramatic outdoor living space. The right outdoor lighting allows you to get the full benefits of your costly landscaping at night and provides better safety and security.

A.D.-Cola-19We work closely with you to design a custom system that illuminates architectural features, highlight trees and shrubs, pool areas and gardens. For your safety and security, use step and path lighting, doorways, garage and driveway lighting. We will discuss which type of landscape light works best for your application and the techniques that beautify your landscape–downlighting, uplighting, moonlighting, accent, spread, shadowing, silhouetting, grazing, and cross lighting, step and path lighting. To conserve energy, consider LED landscape lighting. We also incorporate timers and photocells to automatically turn the lights on and off, so you don’t have to. At A.D.Cola Lighting, our Landscape Lighting Center allows you to see the effects these different lighting techniques will have in your landscape.

Whether your job is big or small we will make your landscape look dramatic. Our consultants come to your site at night and with a special landscape kit will show you many ways to light up your landscape. Make an appointment to see the beauty in your landscape at night. Call us at (508) 653-4118.