Kitchen/Family Room Lighting Design Center

//Kitchen/Family Room Lighting Design Center
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Creating the right lighting plan is essential to a successful kitchen. A kitchen requires general, task and even accent lighting. At A.D.Cola we work closely with you choosing the proper fixtures and placement that best fits the way you live in your kitchen.

In our Kitchen Design Center we display a variety of recessed light sources, including LED, incandescent, and halogen. You will see how each grouping creates a different lighting effect and how placement matters. Compare different under cabinet lighting that brighten up your counter work space. We encourage you to bring in a sample of your counter top to see the effects under cabinet lighting has on your surface. Accent lighting in glass cabinets and shelves make your kitchen even more dramatic. See how you can control all these lights with the proper dimming systems. Our lighting consultants will show you how your dream kitchen will come alive with the right lighting.

Family Room

A family room serves many functions- watching TV, entertaining, and playing to name a few. At A.D.Cola we discuss your needs and determine the best lighting plan for all your activities.

Explore different grazing and wall washing effects to create a dramatic look. Be creative and discover the many uses LED tape lighting can have in your home. Add a paddle fan for high ceilings to give comfort all year long. Learn how to light up your artwork or favorite keepsake with an accent recessed or track light. See how dimming systems can create the right atmosphere for each activity. Set each room scene with one touch of a button. Our lighting consultants work closely with you when creating the proper lighting layout for your family.